Sharing  GOD  Kid Style E.O.E

Grammy Winning Songwriter

Wonderful Me + 7

Be Inspired

Disfigured allergy sufferer struggling over the sudden death of her horse loving parents recruits a rainbow of misfits to help rescue American Horses.   (Series)

Comedy & Lighthearted Drama

The American Horse

Female Director & Writers

Extra~Ordinary Traits

Extra~Ordinary Entertainment

 Eleven years ago a graduate student  diagnosed with stage 4 terminal cancer asked GOD for a favor.  Today GOD is calling the favor in.    (Series)

High Morals

Physically Challenged Talent

American Locations

Family Friendly

Multi-Cultural Cast 

Sometimes the most ordinary things can be extraordinary simply by doing them with the right creatures

Autistic  & Special Needs Talent

Animal Lovers

      Pigeons & Priests

​Rainbows & Rocket Ships


A loyal group of young friends  encounters tragedy and tribulation as they search  for common ground and seek the true love of  an invisible GOD.  (feature film  #MeToo)

Mature Adults

Eccentric group of ten year old friends whose life stories intertwine in quirky compulsive ways during the desegregation era.  (Series)

Award Winning 

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45520 Jackson St.                                 Suite C-103                                           Indio, CA 92203