Ma  ..Horse lover extraordinaire

Love  Bug ...Physical comedy at it's best, yogi bear style.

B.P ...In the name of Hope, you can do it all is her motto.

G.S.......Highly educated 

Sunshine  ...The real horse whisperer

Rescue Puppy...     .    ..Horse friendly super sweet social butterfly service dog loves to be around people, eat pumpkin, apples and  loves to run with the herd.

Granny  B  ...One funny lady who tries to  accomplish anything she puts her mind to, anything. 

D   Can you guess my character? 

   ...Sweet sounding teenager in love

"There needs to be a lot more emphasis on what a child  can do instead of  what they can not do."

 Temple Grandin

Violet   ...Smells like a Rose

F.R..   ....Not your average teenager, who leads by example.

The H...

...Only one of the cast who can not ride a horse, but she makes it look good. 

B2 naturally funny with a unique personality unlike any other.

O   ...Do you know who my character is? 

Some oOur Lovable Characters

Mr. Adorable   ....has special super hero powers

E.L.   ..Little Person Power.  Getting things done with Faith not fear. 


Sharing  GOD  Kid Style E.O.E