Some oOur Talented  Actors

Adorable James.... a young adult who has overcome many obstacles.  He has had over ten surgeries + has a pacemaker.  He is both a big and little brother. He is a boy scout and loves to eat sushi. Plus James has a contagious personality, has been with us since 2013 + is one of our actors we manage. 

Alex... one of our teenagers. He is a children's worship leader in addition to having amazing fresh energetic spirit. He loves to act on stage and is great at physical comedy. Alex has been with us since 2016 + is one of our actors we manage.

Sharing  GOD  Kid Style E.O.E

Julia​.... a little person with a huge personality. Julia has studied with Second City, Groundlings + many others.  She likes to stay in shape with Krav Maga, running 10k marathons and taking her rescue German Shepherd on daily walks.  Julia has been with us since 2008 + is one of our actors we manage.

Rescue Puppy...   ...Horse friendly super sweet social butterfly service dog loves to be around people, eat pumpkin, apples and eating a raw diet plus loves to run with the herd.


...has been in the entertainment industry for a little while. She has worn many hats from  actor to award winning director, producer, photographer, etc.  Kacee is the lead producer & director for Sharing GOD Kid Style.  She is the creator of the original upcoming TAH series. 

M.B... a mother of three wonderful sons (including our very own Adorable James)  +  has been happily married 30 years.  Mama is an integral part of our comic relief team, has been with us since 2014 and is one of our actors we manage. 


....Is our most mature leading man. He was raised in San Diego. He is a father, husband & grandfather.  T.L.B. has been studying and honing his craft for a several years,  He is naturally funny and great at physical comedy.  He has been with us since 2015 + is one of our actors we manage. 

"There needs to be a lot more emphasis on what a child  can do instead of  what they can not do."

 Temple Grandin

Sunshine.... not an experienced actor. The first time she has ever been on camera was when she filmed with us. Sunshine has had such an amazing often horrendous life we knew the Lord led us to her so she could encourage others by sharing her life story.

Granny... our most mature talent. Granny is one funny lady and is our comic relief character.  She has been studying her craft for over fifty years.  She is a retired school teacher, a minister and an active prayer partner.  Granny has been with us since 2009 + is one of our actors we manage.  


​ a blessing in disguise.  She was bit by the acting bug while performing on stage in small roles.  Lili is a spunky ray of sunshine.  She fell in love with film acting while on our set.  She has been with us since 2016 + is one of our actors we manage.