Sharing GOD Kid Style believes the medium of film is very powerful.  We are able to use our imagination to create what is in our minds, written on paper, painted in a picture, on a nature's canvas, have it come alive and touch people, this is what we are passionate about. We create images, stories and memories which touch the hearts of our audience.  We desire to make you laugh, love and get giddy. We believe the concept of filming is something which is based on real life and this is what it is all about. We use the word of GOD as our mantle, in that our film stories are related to the old stories GOD put forth for our enjoyment. We bring these stories, words and scriptures to life for you to enjoy. We encourage you to look around, laugh, cry, be encouraged about life and get inspired by what we are creating for you and your extended family.                             We are Sharing GOD Kid Style!!!

Focusing on the development and production of quality Bible Based films  and t.v. shows which are enjoyable for the whole family.   We are Sharing GOD Kid Style!!!


Sharing GOD      Kid Style