Sharing  GOD 
Kid Style


Welcome to Sharing GOD Kid Style.   At Sharing GOD Kid Style we are passionate about GOD and showing His Love, Character and His Son to the world.  We are a different kind of media company, like none other.  We are Extra-Ordinary. Our talented cast includes Multi-Cultural, Mature Adults, Special Needs & Female Leads. Ranging in age from 4-94.  We create images, stories and memories which touch the hearts of our audience.  We believe the concept of filming is something which is based on real life, real people, real stories, a real loving GOD and this is what it is all about. We use the word of GOD as our mantle, in that all our film stories are related to the true stories GOD put forth for us to live. We bring these stories, words, characters and scriptures to life for you to enjoy. We encourage you to look around, be encouraged & get inspired by what GOD is doing through Sharing GOD Kid Style.    We are Sharing GOD Kid Style!!!

Focusing on uplifting & encouraging our talent while  producing quality Bible Based content which is enjoyable to YOU!.                 We are Sharing GOD Kid Style!!!