Sharing  GOD  Kid Style E.O.E

From Our Family to Yours

It’s important to know what you’re watching and how it may affect your family, your children, your parents, friends, those you love and even those you dislike.   We want you to know all of our films are free of toxins. We strive to make sure  you and your family can sleep easier knowing our films are not only organic, but also ensure safe, family friendly, honest, animal friendly filming practices, you can trust. 

Special Needs

Family Friendly

Bible Based



We are actively looking for Focus Groups for our upcoming series. If you have a congregation or a company with at least 250 people and would like to be instrumental in shaping the series.  Get in touch with us, we would very much like to hear from you. 

We are currently looking for Horse ranches to partner with.  If you have a friendly staff and at least six friendly horses / equine we would very much like to meet you and your amazing horses. Please contact us for further details. Thank You

Extra~Ordinary Entertainment

We cast amazing talent who study their craft for both starring & guest star roles. Our cast is made up of Mature Adults,  Multi-Cultural, Special Needs  & Female Leads.


Sharing GOD Kid Style Extra Ordinary Entertainment are talented film folks who use our gifts showing His Love to all creatures.  We use GOD's  Word as our mantle, bringing His scriptures, characters & stories to life for people everywhere.  A Journey of life written by GOD himself. 

Award Winning

The Mighty Horse

Horses are attributed to GOD in the Holy Bible and are often referred to prophecy and instruction.  The Mighty Horse is a symbol of Independence, Trust, Love,  Friendship and Service.  Service is service to us, humans.  Therefore, our new upcoming original series will be shot on location on horse ranches throughout Arizona and other states. 

Bible Based

Mature Adults

Be Inspired

Focus Groups


Ranch Owners

A New Generation of Filming